Making Mother’s Day Memories

Mother’s Day comes just once a year but rather than just think inside the box with the usual bouquet of flowers and the box of chocolates, make mother’s day memories that can be stored for years to come. Here at Uveeka we’re making more of Mother’s Day by thinking outside the box with a box.

A personalised wooden keepsake box makes a wonderful gift and can be filled with little gifts such as fragrances and toiletries or maybe some of the your mum’s favourite sweet treats. A little thought can go a long way. For an extra special touch we have had customers fill their boxes with photographs, mementos from years gone by featuring family moments.

Made from quality dovetailed pine, our wooden keepsake boxes can be personalised with full colour prints using our unique print technology to create colourful striking prints. We’ve come up with some simple floral designs to which you can add your own message. But if you’re feeling creative, why not come up with your own design or write a unique motif. This week we asked some of Uveeka’s little helpers to draw a picture for their nanny. We scanned this picture and printed it on the surface of the wooden keepsake box complete with a some nice texture effects. A mother’s day card is great but usually ends up in the recycle bin after a week, a personalised wooden keepsake box can last for years to come and be passed down when the young artist who done the original drawing is now a lot older.

What you choose to do with your wooden keepsake box is completely up to you, we print the design, you come up with the contents, why not decorate it with some ribbon, add some more artistic flourishes of your own to the sides.